Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Now is the winter of our discontent

Gosh, it's such a beautiful day here, at my house, in Berkshire.  Clear blue skies and a brisk breeze to make your heart sing.  The trees are looking skeletal, the leaves have all blown away and my cats no longer like going out.  Nope, they would rather be licked clean by a dog.  I think I can safely say that autumn has passed and winter is tip-toeing it's way into our lives. 

My winter jasmine is singing it's little heart out today.  And my violas are smiling into the sun. 

In fact, it almost feels like Spring.  Sadly however, there is officially still 67 days (or 1616 hours) to go until Springtime.  So, best put the kettle on and prepare to enjoy the glorious winter to come.  Care to join me?


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