Thursday, 26 November 2009

Tea is a Cup of Life

Having been totally enchanted like never before by Ukraine's Got Talent 2009 winner, Kseniya Simonova, and her beautiful sandart, I was really excited to see the three new Twinings Tea adverts.  My particular favourite being the Lady Grey ad.

But there's another for their Speciality teas...

And another for their English Breakfast tea...

I think they're just beautiful, and actually made from tea leaves, not sand in this instance.  However, imagine my surprise when I found out that these adverts were not by the hugely talented Kseniya, but by another sand artist (and perhaps the original!), Ilana Yahav.  Opening up a whole new world of sand art to my eyes via her Sand Fantasy website.

I think in these modern times of computer graphics, CGI and the like, it's just so refreshing to see such wonderful TV ads made by really talented artists using tangible materials, and all done in one take to boot!  Simply marvellous.

Now, all this talk of tea can only lead to one thing....  xoxo

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